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IBIS Smart-binder The Smart-binder system allows use of IBIS's patented ‘ISG’ (Individual Sheet Gluing) technology which replaces wire-staples with lines of cold-glue 'dots' between each sheet to produce more attractive, stronger, flatter and easier-to-recycle books.

The Smart-binder model SB-4 includes an additional HMCU module to combine ISG cold glued 'signatures' with hot-melt glue to produce thick high-quality, square-backed books.

For the first time ever, both wire-stitched or glued books may now be produced from the same machine. The SB-4P is a lower-cost solution for hot glued books only.

Product Features

  • In-line connection with highest speed digital printers, or off-line operation from a high speed sheet feeder, or tower collator(s).
  • Individual sheet folding for optimum thick-book quality.
  • Cover and Insert sheet feeding.
  • Optional multiple-tray feeder available for content sheets, cover sheets and/or insert sheets.
  • Bar code tracking of all sheets and auto-rejection of bad books, to ensure integrity.
  • Three-knife trimming with optional centre-knife.
  • Heavy duty construction for 24 x 7 operation.
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen controls and comprehensive documentation in multi-languages.
  • Complete range of book format sizes.

More Reasons to use a IBIS Smart-Binder

Reducing your production costs

  • In-line or off-line operation.
  • Up to 2440 pages/min throughput (up to 12,000 books/hr output).
  • Stitched and glued books up to 60mm (2.36”) thick from the same machine.
  • Low running costs.

Enhancing your book quality

  • Individual sheet folding for better lay-flat of saddle-bound books up to 200 pages.
  • ISG cold gluing available for increased strength and improved lay-flat.
  • Three -side trimming.
  • Square-backed books (SB-4 only) with 4-scored covers and wheel side-glue.
  • Bar code sheet tracking and auto-reject.

Increasing your up-time

  • Very robust, high quality machine construction for 7 x 24 hr, reliable operation.
  • Easy and quick to maintain.
  • First-level product support available from all leading printer vendors, combined with professional training and support from the IBIS field support team.
  • Focus on operator and maintenance training.
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