CHALLENGE MS-5 Multiple Spindle Drill

The MS-5 is designed and engineered by Challenge, which introduced the first paper drill in the Graphic Arts industry in the early 1930’s. Today, the MS-5 builds on our expertise with drilling technology. The easily accessible control panel and powerful hydraulic operation are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase job production. The MS-5 is solidly built, and ready to finish your jobs effectively. Contact your authorized Challenge products dealer today for more information.




  • Side guide adjustment
  • Backgauge adjustment
  • Easy drill length adjustment
  • 2”/ 5.1 cm hollow drill bits available in 13 sizes
  • 2-1/2”/ 6.4 cm hollow drill bits available in 4 sizes
  • Hollow drill bits also available with teflon coating
  • Optional narrow heads available, (Necessary when drilling most medical forms)
  • Cast iron and steel construction
  • Three drill heads and drilling blocks standard (Two & four head options for European applications)
  • Two backgauge filler blocks
  • Manual drill sharpener
  • Chip disposal bag
  • Hydraulic power, foot pedal activated
  • Automatic table return
  • Up to 5 holes in a single stroke
  • Set-up changes are quick & simple