Entrust Artista CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

As part of an integrated solution with Entrust Datacard software, supplies and service, the CR805 card printer is ideal for many different card programs.

Enhanced design, durability and security


Create cards that stand out from the crowd with:

  • Pigment ink for brilliant, long-lasting images and designs
  • 600 dpi for high-definition printing, and to print small-font text, bar codes and other elements
  • Over-the-edge printing with retransfer technology to print on multiple card types, including technology cards
  • Ability to apply two layers of retransfer film for additional card durability
  • Option for enhanced durability and security by adding an inline lamination module and tactile impression module

Print on-demand. Print exactly the design you need on-demand, eliminating the need for pre-printed card stock.